!Maxbots - Cant be 0
Sets the number of bots on the server.

Removes all bots from the server.

Sets the timelimit.

Choose a map with !map mapname.

Set gravity, standart is 790.

!Headshot - ON: 1, OFF: 0
Headshot mode.

!Laser - ON: 1, OFF: 0
Laser mode.

Changes the movement speed, default is 320.

FriendlyFire Disabled.

FriendlyFire Enabled.

Enable riflewar mode.

Disable riflewar mode.

Enable knifewar mode.

Disable knifewar mode.

!Noreload - ON: 1, OFF: 0
No need to reload, clips are refilled automaticly.

!Instaspawn - ON: 1, OFF: 0
Players respawn instandly, respawn times are ignored.

Restart Server, Reset all settings.

Note: Not every level has these commands.